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The price of rent and risk in San Francisco's drag scene.


The nature of drag is subversive, it's a vehicle for social and political commentary and it's always been something that challenged the status quo. So there's a tension here because a lot of employees at tech companies are perfect representatives of the status quo. Queens are faced with deciding between whether they should continue that transgressive nature, or be better off surviving in the US's most expensive city by doing performances for a Google event.

Journalist Julianne Tveten examines the dynamics between San Francisco's subversive drag scene and the city's new tech overlords, and explains how rising rents and the dominance of corporate culture threatens to strip the city of an economic class, as well a vital source for art, critique and the opposite of more computer people.

Julianne wrote the recent articles Just Enough Money to Pay For Our Eyelashes: The New San Francisco Drag for Hazlitt and Digital Redlining: How Internet Service Providers Promote Poverty for Truthout.

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Julianne Tveten

Julianne Tveten is a freelance journalist specializing in the politics of tech.


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