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IP Tunes: On the financialization of the music economy.


This new musical economy is characterized by the consolidation of power around three mega-corporations - Universal, Warner and Sony - three behemoths sitting on an incredible bank of assets - the last 70 years of recorded music. We're reaching a point in our culture where the holders of IP are looking at the financial risks of trying to produce new intellectual property versus trying to monetize what they've already got and making the rational capitalist calculation that the latter is the smart way to go.

Writer Rich Woodall on the financialization of music catalogues and the future of the music economy - for listeners and artists and profiteers, and his new article Mass Hipgnosis for The Baffler.

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Rich Woodall

Rich Woodall is a writer interested in digital culture, music, movies, and the derangement of late-capitalist political economy.


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