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What a lot of people don't know is, regardless of the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act, [The Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security] already got more power in the wake of January 6th. They've already gotten more funding. DHS already announced that they were going to expand a social media monitoring initiative. And, I don't know, there's a million ways I could explain it but I think the most obvious thing is just you know, these are the same agencies that were whipping Haitian migrants at the border. Like, how is it that we think that the agencies that have been deeply responsible for white supremacist policies, white nationalist policies, enforcing them, that they will somehow be the solution? You know, when you look at the FBI, the way that they've treated Muslims, that's not a post-9/11 sort of new thing that came about, that's actually a whole century of that, since the inception of the FBI they have looked at Muslims as a fifth column, they have surveilled Muslims and you know, Black folks and leftists pretty broadly so how can we think that funneling, yeah, more money, more power, especially surveillance power and policing power into these same institutions is going to solve anything when we, you know, when we have seen every example of it, you know, for at least a century of what they've actually done with that power.

We speak with Fatema Ahmad, co-author, along with Azadeh Shahshahani, of a new article at The Progressive, “The Surveillance State Can’t Solve White Supremacy: After the January 6 attack, federal surveillance programs expanded to counter white supremacist violence have made Black and brown communities their main target.” Fatema is executive director of the Muslim Justice League.


Lyndsie Bourgon
Oct 3
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Tree Thieves / Lyndise Bourgon

Posted by Alexander Jerri
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The loudest, most obnoxious mass of Christians had come to the general agreement that, the more Jesus loved you, the wealthier and more powerful He would make you in this world. He did this to balance out all the Muslims, Confucians, and other heathens Satan in His nastiness rendered wealthy and powerful. The only explanation for the majority of wealthy, powerful people in the world not being Christian was that, even though Jesus could easily win against the Devil, sometimes He let the Devil win, by mistake or on purpose, just to keep everyone guessing. If the overall picture were simple to interpret, faith wouldn’t be the test it was known it to be. And so, even under the simplistic, dogmatic doctrines of Dominionist Evangelical Christianity, there was room for confused outcomes.


And thank God for that!


Tom Brokaw was a simple, millionaire news-whisperer and fly-fisherman who called the generation that profited most from the FDR public works program—in other words an entire generation of welfare leeches—the “Greatest Generation.” Once in late September of the year 2022 (by the old TV Guide calendar), he wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times. In it he bragged about his friendship with – no, not post-modern Homer, David Letterman – Yvon Chouinard, son of a Froggy Canook mechanic who reluctantly became an outdoor apparel tycoon.


Brokaw, in an attempt to show how low he was slumming it by hanging out with a fellow millionaire, kept calling the guy a “dirtbag,” which was apparently some slang term rock-climbing skiers liked to call each other, and had not much to do with bags of dirt at all. He also referred to Chouinard’s early life as a leisure sportsman rock climber and skier as “hardscrabble,” a term usually used to describe the lives of poor farmers. Rocks are indeed hard, and Chouinard probably found Scrabble a challenging game as a child, but that did not qualify his life as “hardscrabble.” It’s no surprise that Tom Brokaw, who coined the incorrect moniker “Greatest Generation,” should describe the life of an avid outdoorsman who became an apparel capitalist as “hardscrabble.” Tom Brokaw didn’t really know what words meant. A survey of his coverage of US foreign policy during his years as propaganda parrot confirms this.


Brokaw wrote his piece, entitled... read more