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The more you get money from big businesses, the worse you do at guessing what the public wants. And the more you get money from membership-based groups, the better you do at guessing what the public wants. But the reality is that there's a lot less money coming from membership-based organizations than from corporate groups. So it's not surprising that overall those staffers are doing a bad job - they're hearing from businesses more, they're getting money from corporations more, and that seems to be influencing what they think the public wants across a range of issues.

Political scientist Leah Stokes examines the wide ideological gap between Congress and US citizens - as elected representatives and their staffers substitute corporate lobbying and their own beliefs for the values of their constituencies across a wide range of issues, policies are pushed rightward and away from popular solutions to pressing issues.

Leah is co-author of the paper Legislative Staff and Representation in Congress in the American Political Science Review.


Episode 1029


Nov 11
Posted by Alexander Jerri

In 1940 – (78 years ago) – an earthquake in the Vrancea region of eastern Romania wreaked havoc from the capital city of Bucharest well into neighboring Moldavia (now known as Moldova). In Bucharest, some 185 buildings were destroyed, including a fourteen-story reinforced concrete structure that was the city’s tallest building. From across the country came reports of fire, landslides, burst pipelines, leveled neighborhoods, and collapsed factories. The death toll was placed at almost 600, with another 1,271 people injured in Romania’s worst earthquake of the twentieth century.


In 1944 – (74 years ago) – at Port Seeadler in the Admiralty Islands of Papua New Guinea, the US Navy cargo ship Mount Hood exploded without warning, with almost four thousand tons of explosives and ammunition aboard. The ship had been delivering munitions to Navy vessels in the South Pacific theater of World War II. Eyewitnesses reported a sudden blast and mushroom cloud, followed by chunks of mud, metal debris, and body parts raining from the sky. The explosion completely destroyed the Mount Hood and killed all 350 of its crewmembers, of whom no physical remains were ever positively identified. It also damaged some twenty-two smaller craft nearby in the harbor, many of whose crewmembers were also killed. Years later, the blast would be assessed as equivalent to that of a small tactical nuclear weapon. It was so powerful that it blew a hole in the ocean floor directly below the ship, measuring a hundred yards long, fifty feet wide, and forty feet deep. Altogether at least 432 people died, with 371 wounded. A naval inquiry later attributed the accident to poor handling of ammunition.


In 1975 – (43 years ago) the iron ore freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald, largest ship on the Great Lakes, ran into violent weather on Lake Superior, some seventeen miles north of Whitefish Point in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The ship was buffeted by hundred-mile-an-hour winds, with waves up to thirty-five feet high. Its captain, Ernest McSorley, was on his last voyage before retirement. Just after 7 p.m. he radioed to another freighter nearby, the SS Arthur M. Anderson, that although his vessel was taking on water, he and the crew were holding their own in the storm. It was the last communication from the Edmund Fitzgerald. Without even sending out a distress signal, the ship went to the bottom of... read more

Posted by Alexander Jerri

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9:20 - Activist Andrew Dobbs explains why workers and the poor lose every election - including this one.

Andrew wrote the article No, Voting Democrat is Not “Harm Reduction” at Medium.


10:05 - Writer Pavlos Roufos reviews eight years of disaster for Greece under Europe's austerity regime.

Pavlos is author of the book A Happy Future is a Thing of the Past: The Greek Crisis and Other Disasters from Reaktion Books [UK] / University of Chicago Press [US]


11:05 - Organizer Tom Hansen explores the future of socialism and the state under Cuba's new constitution.

Tom wrote the article Challenges for Cuba's New Constitution for the Mexico Solidarity Network's website.


12:00 - Researcher Anna Pigott exposes the engine powering the Anthropocene - it's capitalism, not us.

Anna Pigott wrote the article Capitalism is killing the world’s wildlife populations, not ‘humanity’ for The Conversation.


12:40 - In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen goes - and possibly stays - bats.

Jeff told me he's gonna do a cuss towards the end of this one, so hopefully the dump button works or no one is listening.


1:00 - Political scientist Leah Stokes examines the wide ideological gap between Congress and US citizens

Leah is co-author of the paper Legislative Staff and Representation in Congress in the American Political Science Review.


Episode 1028

Purge Pricing

Nov 3
Posted by Alexander Jerri

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9:20 - Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford explores the politics of race and class under a corporate duopoloy.

Glen wrote the article The Great Un-Blackening: The Corporate Project to Erase Black People from Politics for Black Agenda Report.


10:00 - Investigative journalist Greg Palast explains how Georgia's election was stolen before anyone voted.

Greg posted the video How to Steal Georgia in 7 Minutes for Salon.


10:45 - In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen does the Tarantella all by himself.

I looked up what that meant, not super up on Italian folk dance traditions.

Episode 1027


Oct 27
Posted by Alexander Jerri

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9:05 - Live from São Paulo, Brian Mier reports on Brazil's election at the edge of fascism.

Brian translated the recent articles Bolsonaro and the Institutionalization of Necropolitics and International Interests and the destruction of Brazilian Democracy for New Socialist.


9:25 - Journalist Tina Vasquez reports on the work of making #AbolishICE a reality.

Tina wrote the article Abolish ICE: Beyond a Slogan for Rewire.News and New York Review Daily.

Episode 1026


Oct 20
Posted by Alexander Jerri

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9:05 - Writer Brendan O'Connor profiles the Proud, White face of ruling class violence in America.

Brendan wrote the article Boys to Men for The Baffler.


9:35 - Writer Malaika Jabali explores politics in a Black, Midwestern city abandoned by the Democratic Party.

Malaika wrote the article The Color of Economic Anxiety for Current Affairs.


Episode 1025

City Limits

Oct 13