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Control Shift: Silicon Valley devours cities and politics.


Expansion is one of the first priorities for these companies. They have very monopolistic intentions, they're not simply going to stop at office complexes and housing units. The ideal is to own way more than 8 million square feet in a given area. And that agenda of control will very much affect local establishments in those areas.

Journalist Julianne Tveten tours the company towns of Silicon Valley's vampire overlord landlords, and explains how the tech industry's monopolistic agenda is expanding their control, not just over workers and tenants, but over cities and municipal governments across the country. Oh and also "fake news" is being used to silence dissent.

Julianne wrote the recent articles Zucktown, USA for The Baffler and How the "Fake News" Scare is Marginalizing the Left for In These Times.

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Julianne Tveten

Julianne Tveten is a freelance journalist specializing in the politics of tech.


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