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Startups never stop: On work minus life in Silicon Valley.


A lot of people working in these fields aren't in environments where labor rights are discussed. These are environments where job security can be very tenuous, and people leave after a couple years, often because of employee burnout, or because a company has folded, so there aren't many opportunities for people to communicate, or be exposed to progressive thought, let alone organize.

Journalist Julianne Tveten examines the influence of Silicon Valley on the work/life boundary in tech and beyond - from environments designed to keep compliant and unattached employees on site and working far beyond 40 hours a week, to bio-hacking's cultlike emphasis on fasting and austerity in service of productivity - and explains how the seeming openness of the tech workplace serves to close opportunities to people with families or aspirations beyond constant work.

Julianne wrote the article HR Comes Last at Startups, and Women Pay the Price for Vice's Motherboard.

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Julianne Tveten

Julianne Tveten is a freelance journalist specializing in the politics of tech.


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