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On disability and work under capitalism, and the abolitionist horizon.


The problem is not that somebody is blind, or uses a wheelchair - that shouldn't disqualify them and render them marked with a stamp like 'defective' as if you were sorting commodities on an assembly line - it's perfectly possible, and historically, to look back at pre-capitalist societies, normal and natural - for people with an array or abilities or impairments to be integrated into society, and accomodated, and set up to engage in whatever activity best suits them. Esp

Writer Keith Rosenthal on the lives and labor of people with disabilities under (and beyond) the capitalist state, and his article Carceral Histories of Disability: An Abolitionist Analysis for Spectre Journal.

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Keith Rosenthal

Keith Rosenthal is the editor of Capitalism & Disability: Selected Writings by Marta Russell and a graduate student in the Disability Studies program at the City University of New York.


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