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The hologram, the triangle and a new dimension of care beyond capitalism.


Being immersed in a capitalist society for generations, we have learned not to trust each other. A lot of times when we need help most, we're tricked. When we're offered help it comes with a really high interest rate, or as a way to make profit and not really offer care. Participating in the Hologram creates opportunities to practice different social relations than we're trained to have in capitalism.

Artist Cassie Thornton explores the revolutionary potential of The Hologram - a peer-to-peer system of care between people as equals in an unequal society, a framework of labor and mutual aid, and a futuristic challenge to a capitalist system with nothing to offer but precarity and violence across the present.

Cassie is author of The Hologram: Feminist, Peer-to-Peer Health for a Post-Pandemic Future from Pluto Press.

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Cassie Thornton

Cassie Thornton is a feminist economist and artist.


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