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From oversight to abolition: Black Lives Matter challenges the police in court, and beyond.


The propaganda used to justify the extreme repression and presence of the police in Chicago is the narrative that somehow we are so fearful of each other that we need this occupying domestic army in place. Chicago has the most police per 100,000 people in the nation. We spend the largest portion of our operating budget on policing - not on schools, not on healthcare - on policing.

Black Lives Matter Chicago organizers Aislinn Pulley and Kofi Ademola discuss the group's participation in a class action lawsuit against the City of Chicago over Mayor Rahm Emanuel's attempt to avoid federal oversight over the CPD, and explain why that oversight is not the end goal, but a first step in process that seeks to abolish the police and prisons, and establish community control of harm reduction and justice in our neighborhoods.

Read the complaint filed in the lawsuit against the City of Chicago and the CPD here.

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Aislinn Pulley

Aislinn Pulley is a co-founder and lead organizer with Black Lives Matter Chicago.



Kofi Ademola

Kofi Ademola is an organizer with Black Lives Matter Chicago.


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