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Chicago's Housing Crisis / Mick Dumke

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We're looking at multiple levels of government, multiple branches of government that are essentially involved in making sure that the CHA isn't moving forward with building these units that it's responsible for building. You know we've got City Hall here, we've got the CHA board...we've got the US Department of Housing and Urban and Development, we've got Congress and its funding decisions, budgeting decisions, we've got Federal judges, and court orders that don't appear to be moving with great haste. You know, it's like every branch of government is involved and what it adds up to is, again, a lack of will to help house people through innovative public housing policies.

Mick Dumke is a reporter for ProPublica. His work has focused on politics and government, including investigations of local and federal gun policies, secret police databases and corruption at Chicago City Hall.

Mick is on to discuss his reporting on the growing Chicago Housing Authority scandal. Mick's most recent article on the topic at ProPublica is headlined, "Chicago Officials Withhold Key Financial Information as City Hands Public Housing Land Over to Wealthy Ally of the Mayor.


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Mick Dumke

Mick Dumke is a journalist covering Chicago politics for the Chicago Reader.


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