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Coplovers Hit Back Against Reforms With Fearmongering / Katya Schwenk

Feb 1 2023
Gotham city crime wave  six flags over georgia

There is a really strong media apparatus, if that’s a good way to put it, that ensures that the very idea of any reduction of police officers, that very idea is directly connected to our ideas of crime. Like I feel like we can often only understand crime through this lens of the police, how many officers there are, how police officers are funded, how many cops there are on the street, which is, I think, an incomplete understanding of what crime is.

We have on journalist Katya Schwenk to discuss her Baffler Magazine article, "The Crime Wave That Wasn't."

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Katya Schwenk

Katya Schwenk is a staff writer for Phoenix New Times. Originally from Burlington, Vermont, she now covers issues ranging from policing to far-right politics in Phoenix. She has worked as a breaking news correspondent in Rabat, Morocco, for Morocco World News, a government technology reporter for Scoop News Group in Washington, D.C., and a local reporter in Vermont for VTDigger. Her freelance work has been published in Business Insider, the Intercept, and the American Prospect, among other places.


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