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Housing discrimination, neighborhood segregation and the unfinished work of the Fair Housing Act.


A lot of people's focus - including the left's - moved to other systemic issues. People still recognized that systemic racism was a problem, but there was a feeling of 'Whites aren't going to move on this issue... so let's focus on making separate but equal work.' There was a dogged determination to not worry about the issue anymore. But the problem is, the harms of segregation aren't going away - and they're only getting worse.

Journalist Rachel M. Cohen explores the 50 year in shift in population and politics between cities and suburbs since the 1968 Fair Housing Act, the act's success in addressing discrimination and shortcomings addressing segregation, and the resulting backlash from a reactionary right with a slumlord now in power.

Rachel wrote the article Taking Back the Suburbs: The Fair Housing Act at Fifty for Dissent.

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Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen is a freelance journalist based in Washington D.C.


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