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Episode 1025

City Limits

Oct 13 2018

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Laura Carlsen

NAFTA, AMLO and the borders of national sovereignty in a neoliberal world.

Live from Mexico City, Laura Carlsen reports on the politics behind NAFTA's renegotiation - from the deep impact of international financial speculation on the sovereignty of participating states, to the 'mixed bag' of the new trade agreement - locking in the neoliberal model of privatization with a few surprising positives for workers, and plenty more, less surprising negatives for everyone.

Laura  wrote the commentary Trump and Mexico's Next President Are on Honeymoon. But It Won't Last for Fortune.



Rachel Cohen

Housing discrimination, neighborhood segregation and the unfinished work of the Fair Housing Act.

Journalist Rachel M. Cohen explores the 50 year in shift in population and politics between cities and suburbs since the 1968 Fair Housing Act, the act's success in addressing discrimination and shortcomings addressing segregation, and the resulting backlash from a reactionary right with a slumlord now in power.

Rachel wrote the article Taking Back the Suburbs: The Fair Housing Act at Fifty for Dissent.