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Interrelated Disparities in Black America / Algernon Austin

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There are a multitude of challenges in our educational system, in our criminal justice system, in our healthcare system, and in our fincance, housing, etcetera. Addressing some of the problems in the labor market is one step in a long journey. We need to address all of these things and in all of these things there's an interplay among all of these problems, unfortunately. So that's why it's so difficult. That's why 60 years after the civil rights movement we're still struggling.

Algernon Austin, Director for Race and Economic Justice at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, discusses his recent writing including, "Black People Need Better Options than the Morgue or Mass Incarceration," "Black People (And Everyone Else) Should Avoid Crypto," "Only Radical Changes Will Make Rents Affordable," and "Black Children are Disproportionately Harmed by Extremist Gun Rights Policies in the US.

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Algernon austin

Algernon Austin

Algernon Austin is the Director for Race and Economic Justice at the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Algernon Austin has conducted research and writing on issues of race and racial inequality for over 20 years. His primary focus has been on the intersection of race and the economy. 

Austin was the first Director of the Economic Policy Institute’s Program on Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy where he focused on the labor market condition of America’s workers of color. He has also done work on racial wealth inequality for the Center for Global Policy Solutions and for the Dēmos think tank. At the Thurgood Marshall Institute, the think tank of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., he worked on issues related to race, the economy, and civil rights.  

Austin has a Ph.D. in sociology from Northwestern University, and he taught sociology as a faculty member at Wesleyan University. He has discussed racial inequality on PBS, CNN, NPR, and other national television and radio networks.


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