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SCOTUS Fraud and the Second Amendment

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We have to look at the millions of dollars spent on propaganda in the United States. The standard, common sense position generally has nothing to do with reality. And that's a good starting point, whatever you hear as the general, common-sense, moderate position on the news is certainly untrue, and likely 180 degrees removed from reality. That was for example the case with weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And it goes up and down society. America is just a society that loves fraud in all kinds of ways. Or like the company Theranos, where George Schulz was on the board of Theranos, and the whole company was just fraudulent... So anyway, we love fraud. We are very good at it. And that's what explains the centrist positions being what they are. I think America has the most powerful business and corporate culture in the world. The most extensive that has ever been developed. And if you want to understand communication in America don't look at the news, look at the commercials. And the commercials have nothing to do with reality. And so all the techniques that were developed to sell products have been adapted to sell all of this. And they work, both for the products and for the politics.

Chuck talks to writer and journalist Jon Schwarz about his Intercept article "Right-Wing Supreme Court Continues Its 'Great Fraud' About the Second Amendment."

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Jon Schwarz

Jon Schwarz worked for Michael Moore’s Dog Eat Dog Films and was a research producer for Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story.” Jon is a contributor to a slew of publications, including the New Yorker, the New York Times, The Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, and Slate, as well as NPR and “Saturday Night Live.”


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