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SCOTUS v. Democracy / Steve Fraser

1024px courtroom of the supreme court with associate justice ruth bader ginsburg s chair and the bench in front of her seat draped in black

The court plays its role in maintain inequality. Although there are many things on the books, the laws, the constitution and so forth, that establish the formal equality of people. And the formal equality as been extended to a wider and wider portion of the population, sometimes at the resitance of the court. But at the end the question is not about enforcing existing laws, it's about capitalism. Capitalism breeds inequality. In its nature you have a small coterie of people who own the means that everyone else in our society need to live. Unless you address that, inequality will remain running rampant in our society, regardless of how much equality there is formally through the laws.

Historian Steve Fraser talks about his Tom Dispatch article "The Trump Supreme Court is Nothing New," about how the Supreme Court has over time been used to kneecap the democrat process in the U.S., and how it's been originally designed to provide that function to uphold the rule of the powerful against the masses.

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Steve Fraser

Steve Fraser is an author, historian and editor.


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