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On class, intersectionality and the Democratic mainstreaming of the gay agenda.


We need a massive public housing program to bring down rent for everyone, not just poor people. A massive public jobs program that would put our youth to work. The wiping out of student debt, higher education accessible to working class families - those issues have no place on the agenda of Gay Inc. And they should be front and center.

Activist Andy Thayer examines the mainstream LGBTQ movement's long history of failure to challenge the Democratic Party on issues of economics, racial justice and war, and calls for a young generation of activists to challenge Gay Inc.'s control of the movement's political power, and deliver economic security and social justice for all, not just the rich donor class.

Andy wrote the article The LGBTQ Movement is an Intersectional Fail for Counterpunch.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine

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Andy Thayer

Andy Thayer is an activist and co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network.


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