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One big debtor's union: Toward mass debt resistance.


The reason you are in debt right now, if you have student loan debt, is because the President and Department of Education want to keep you in debt. They could, if they wanted to, cancel it all. That is true for the current administration, and that will be true for the next administration. What the Debt Collective wants to do is organize to force that cancellation.

Debt Collective organizer Thomas Gokey examines the social cost of the US's $1.7 trillion dollar student loan debt, and explains how individual working class people are coming together to fight for large scale debt forgiviness and against a bankrupt system that profits off poor people paying for things that should be free.

The Debt Collective authored the book Can't Pay, Won't Pay: The Case for Economic Disobedience and Debt Abolition from Haymarket Books.

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Thomas Gokey

Thomas Gokey is an artist and an organizer with the Debt Collective.


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