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The problem of the scaffold: Murder and lies at the heart of the settler colony.


If we are to speak about crime running rampant, we have to presume that the continuous crime of the state, the continuous crime of imperialism, is always presented as innocent whereas petty crimes or petty fights against property—fights against capitalism through the use of counterfeit money, or the destruction of settler property on Indigenous land—are violations. Whereas the lynching bees, the environmental destruction, the mass kidnappings and killings with impunity by people dressed up in cop uniforms—these things are not crime. It requires the invisibility of Black life and Black suffering and the elevation of property.

Africana studies scholar Yannick Giovanni Marshall on deep violence and racial control at the heart of both setter colonialism and American society, and his op-ed Totalitarianism at 38th and Chicago: A Minnesotan lie for Al Jazeera English.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine.

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Yannick Giovanni Marshall

Yannick Giovanni Marshall is an Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at Knox College.


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