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Revisiting Willy Wonka’s Racism


Free speech absolutists complain about 'sanitizing' and 'bowdlerizing' his work. Hey, Shakespeare he ain’t. He was a festering pit of elitist garbage ideas. All right, so, a little like Shakespeare, but not canon. Generations haven’t committed his words to memory, thank Oberon.

Roald Dahl has been problematic before. But up till now the biggest overhaul to mitigate the awfulness of his views was made by none other than the author himself.

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Jeff Dorchen

Jeff is a visual artist, songwriter/musician, actor, essayist, fiction writer, poet, playwright and screenwriter. He's been a playwright, songwriter, and performer with Chicago's Theater Oobleck since 1988, a writer and actor with Red Baron Films since 2000, and a contributor to This Is Hell! since 1996. He currently lives in Los Angeles.


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