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No return: An ex-pat radical comes home to a house on fire.


If you want to make any kind of difference, it's a matter of establishing facts on the ground. If you want to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, you have to chain yourself to a bulldozer. You can't count on the laws of the United States, or the authorities of the United States to put a stop to this project because local authorities can do what they want. You have to stop them, kinetically, physically.

Live from Switzerland, Ed Sutton talks about coming back home to the US in a time of mass migration, imminent environmental disaster and collapsing order - and finding purpose in the physical resistance against a rising tide of nationalist authoritarianism sweeping across the globe and coming to a home near you, real soon.

After 9 years in Europe, Ed is moving back to Minneapolis. Get ready!

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Ed Sutton

Ed Sutton is musical instrument builder by trade, lives in Switzerland and writes about radical urban and social justice movements at Antidote Zine.


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