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On the edges of Europe's externalized, managed migration crisis.


It does not accept outright this hostile, racist right wing position. But it also does not fully endorse a humanitarian, liberal view. It gives a little bit to the liberal side, saying we'll have a managed migration policy, but it also gives a little bit to the right wing, making sure the borders are closed and militarized, that the deals they make ensure the third countries take the 'burden' of dealing with those thousands, millions of people who are trying to escape war, poverty and absolute destitution.

Writer Pavlos Roufos explores the nature of Europe's managed migration disaster - as the EU's neoliberal order maintains a regime of broad exclusion and narrow selection, the larger migration crisis unfolds outside its borders, across the developing world on Europe's geographic and political periphery.

Pavlos wrote the article A Disaster Foretold for The Brooklyn Rail.

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Pavlos Roufos

Pavlos Roufos is an activist, writer and economic policy researcher.


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