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The mask is off: Social crisis, militarized police and the authoritarian grip on Greece.


All the actions of this government have been to 'clean' Greece of what is considered 'lawlessness' - what is not complacent with the government policies, what is attempting to show a different way of organizing, a different way of responding to the crises of migration waves and the pandemic now. This has been a very strong part of the actions and electoral campaign of the government - 'getting rid of the scum' was literally part of the program.

Writer Giulio D'Errico on police violence, austerity and authoritarian measures from the state and expanding rifts in Greek society over austerity, and his article Resisting Greece’s rapid descent into authoritarianism co-authored with Giovanni Marenda for ROAR Magazine.

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Giulio D'Errico

Giulio D’Errico is a nomad, currently living in Greece after obtaining a PhD in history in Wales. He works as a translator, cooks in a social kitchen and writes about cultural histories, migrations and other things for Are You Syrious?, Emma and Agenzia X among others.


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