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The other F-word: You can't call out modern day fascism if you can't say the word.


Essentially, neofascism is a response to neoliberalism. It’s in opposition to neoliberalism. And that makes certain, sneaky rhetorics within neofascism really tempting, even for political progressives.

Live from Switzerland, newest Irregular Correspondent Ed Sutton considers the rise of the modern radical right and the left’s inability to pronounce, let alone confront, fascism.

Ed posted his essay In Defense of the F-Word: There are elements of neoliberalism that we consider fascistic. Let’s start calling them by their name. at AntiDote, his site which you should already be reading regularly.

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Ed Sutton

Ed Sutton is musical instrument builder by trade, lives in Switzerland and writes about radical urban and social justice movements at Antidote Zine.


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