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A state of constant crisis: Turkish instability survives a coup attempt.


The more allies Erodgan loses in the state apparatus - and now 60,000 people in a couple days - the more he has to rely on radical groups on the street to secure his power. And that is where the real danger lies.

Live from Ankara, journalist Max Zirngast gives context to the recent coup attempt in Turkey beyond the widely reported secular / Islamic divide - pointing instead towards larger trends of political and economic instability amidst a wave of popular uprisings, open (and covert) conflict between Erogan and the Gülen movement, and a populace united against military rule, but fractured by war, religious radicalism and Erdogan's creeping authoritarianism.

Max is co-author of the Jacobin article What Happened in Turkey?

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine

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Max Zirngast

Max Zirngast is an independent journalist and translator.


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