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What Turkey's war means for Kurds in Syria and fascists in Turkey.


It wants to unite the bourgeois opposition and state factions in Turkey behind the Erdogan, because the regime itself is in a deep hegemonic crisis. By pursuing this war, they ccould split the opposition - separating the Kurdish opposition and integrating the bourgeois opposition, which is very nationalistic as well, even if it is opposed to the regime - into the project of war.

Journalist Max Zirngast examines the dual purposes for Turkey's invasion of northeastern Syria - to crush the autonomous Kurdish opposition and unify Turkey's bourgeois class behind a war project in a country mired deep in deep economic stagnation and political crisis.

Max wrote the article Turkey’s War in Syria Is a War for Fascism with co-authors Alp Kayserilioğlu and Güney Işıkara for Jacobin.

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Max Zirngast

Max Zirngast is an independent journalist and translator.


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