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We have to become unreal and impossible: Towards Black anarchism.


If anarchism is a radical overthrowing of the very state that has dictated what is possible for us, then it requires that we think about some seemingly impossible things. That's going to be very difficult because it has to occur at the level of the individual, the level of the subjective, the level of the psyche even, the level of the ideological, the imaginary. All those things have to be subject to an extreme interrogation.

African American literature studies scholar Marquis Bey explores anarchism's radical critique of both the state, and the self within the state, and explains how Blackness anarchizes anarchism, demanding more of this world than is possible.

Marquis is author of the book Anarcho-Blackness: Notes Toward a Black Anarchism from AK Press.

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Marquis Bey

Marquis Bey is an Assistant Professor of African American Studies at Northwestern University.


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