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No reforms can deliver liberation for Black people in the US.


When you have a population that's been kidnapped, that has no sense of its historical identity, and you lie to that population, and say 'we can make where you are a place where you will enjoy justice and first-class citizenship, where you will receive your civil and human rights,' and they want to believe that, they will cling to it desperately. We're reaching a point now where there is an ability to see beyond the confines of this country, and there's more willingness to abandon that desperate belief in what are clearly lies about what this country is and what it has to offer.

Attorney Mark P. Fancher on US history as a continual war against Black and indigenous people, the impossibility of reforming a structure built on disposession and exclusion, and his article The USA – Immoral, Illegal, Irredeemable, and Irrelevant to Global Africa’s Liberation Struggle for Black Agenda Report.

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Mark P. Fancher

Mark P. Fancher is the staff attorney for the Racial Justice Project of the ACLU of Michigan.


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