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These are uprisings. These are rebellions. These are revolts. These are necessary.


We need safety. We need security. We need housing. We need education. We need food. We need a complete reshaping of the society. It's not working. And it hasn't been working since Ferguson. It hasn't been working since Standing Rock. It hasn't been working since Occupy. It hasn't been working since the uprising in LA after Rodney King. It hasn't been working since the rebellions in Watts, Newark and Detroit. It hasn't been working since King was assassinated... People are tired. People are exhausted.

Writer William C. Anderson explains how capitalist logic reframes oppressed people as looters while obscuring the structural robbery at the heart of society, and calls for organizing and building new ways of life - outside, and against the state's murderous grasp.

William wrote the article Forget “Looting.” Capitalism Is the Real Robbery for Truthout.

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William C. Anderson

William C. Anderson is a freelance writer and co-author of As Black as Resistance: Finding the Conditions for Liberation.


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