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Everything we need is already inside of us: On the anarchism of Blackness.


This political system was based upon a fetish for property rights, for accumulation of capital, and for the inequitable distribution of capital. The system was created to be inequitable. And built in to every single institution that props up the system is inequity. Can we use an inequitable system to vote inequity out of the system? No.

Writers Zoé Samudzi and William C. Anderson discuss the anarchic nature of the Black experience in America - as political captives to a party and ideological system deeply rooted in White supremacy, as the site of resistance to state oppression and violence, and as a blueprint for a social formation beyond exploitation, towards true liberation.

Zoé and William wrote the essay The Anarchism of Blackness for ROAR Magazine.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine

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William C. Anderson

William C. Anderson is a freelance writer and co-author of As Black as Resistance: Finding the Conditions for Liberation.



Zoe Samudzi

Zoé Samudzi is a writer and Medical Sociology PhD student at the University of California, San Francisco.


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