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Capitalism needs cages: On dispossession and fascism in America's new concentration camps.


The rich have relied on the cheaper labor populations that the nomadic proletariat have provided them for a while, and now that's starting to come into contact with their immediate political goals and how they retain power domestically. So these camps are starting to erect themselves as a way to capture the relative surplus population that is the migrant, and still be able to profit from it through the privatization mechanism - 72% of incarcerated migrants are held in privately owned camps.

Writer Richard Hunsinger sees the future of capitalism in America's migrant concentration camps - as an rotting empire tilts toward fascism, the incarceration of migrants becomes a source of value for capital, and the left must link the interests of all workers in all nations to resist a collapse into barbarism everywhere.

Richard wrote the article Holocaust Capitalism for Cosmonaut.

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Richard Hunsinger

Richard Hunsinger is a writer and member of Atlanta's Housing Justice League.


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