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Disability is Everyone's Problem / Laura Mauldin

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People think "those poor people who need help, let's give them a technological band-aid, something to fix their abnormal interaction with our normal world." And that's where that individualist thinking, about that one off thing, that one person who is the problem kicks in, rather than thinking "oh this is something that is actually typical, a normal part of human life." And it reflects on how we have built our systems, that we have built our world with "normal bodies" in mind. We have typical assumptions about the kind of bodies that make up society. And when we think about the individual body that doesn't fit the idealized version of the "normal person" then you locate the site of the problem on the individual. And then we apply technology to this individual, instead of on the social system, on the environment, those sorts of things.

Chuck interviews sociologist Laura Mauldin on her Baffler piece "Care Tactics: Hacking an Ableist World."

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Laura Mauldin

Laura is a writer, sociologist, and interdisciplinary scholar based in New York City. She works across the humanities in fields such as deaf and disability studies (MA, Deaf Studies from Gallaudet University), as well as the social sciences (PhD, Sociology, City University of New York).

She is currently Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Human Development and Family Sciences at the University of Connecticut.


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