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Nationalize the Railroads Now / Kari Lyderson


These 12 Unions got to the point where they were ready to strike and shippers themselves probably didn’t support the strike but going back to April at these very crucial hearings before the Federal board that oversees railroads… their workers and shippers were actually united in their criticisms of the industry, there’s these deep problems that aren’t just about working conditions or workers rights, there are just these really deep fundamental flaws in the power that these major railroad companies have obtained, that really hurts everyone in a lot of ongoing ways.

Journalist Kari Lydersen returns to talk about her In These Times article, "The Case for Nationalizing the Railroads."

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Kari Lydersen

Kari is a Chicago-based reporter, author and journalism instructor specializing in energy, the environment, labor, public health and immigration issues, and the myriad and complicated way such topics intersect.

She aims to show the ground-level impacts of policy, technology and economic developments, including a focus on how the most vulnerable communities are impacted and how they respond through community organizing and other efforts.

Currently she is a lecturer in the graduate program at the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University, where she leads the Social Justice & Investigative Specialization and co-direct the  Social Justice News Nexus,, a fellowship program that brings together graduate students and professional reporters.


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