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Episode 1071

Net Work

Sep 1 2019

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Richard Hunsinger

Capitalism needs cages: On dispossession and fascism in America's new concentration camps.

Writer Richard Hunsinger sees the future of capitalism in America's migrant concentration camps - as an rotting empire tilts toward fascism, the incarceration of migrants becomes a source of value for capital, and the left must link the interests of all workers in all nations to resist a collapse into barbarism everywhere.

Richard wrote the article Holocaust Capitalism for Cosmonaut.



Richard Seymour

We are being written: Notes on the self and the networked society.

Writer Richard Seymour examines the online revolution in society, ourselves and the written word - as more of our lives are spent writing and reading online, the invisible algorithms and undemocratic platforms we inhabit create new forms of power and manipulation between ourselves, the machines, and their masters.

Richard is author of the new book The Twittering Machine from The Indigo Press.



Adia Harvey Wingfield

Neoliberalism, Black healthcare workers and the outsourcing of racial equity.

Sociologist Adia Harvey Wingfield examines the labor of Black healthcare workers under racial outsourcing - as public hospitals and care centers tout the value of racial diversity, the actual labor required to serve communities of color is passed onto Black workers, often without additional resources, support or compensation.

Adia is author of the new book Flatlining: Race, Work, and Health Care in the New Economy from University of California Press.



Aviva Chomsky

Way beyond the Democratic Party: On the Green New Deal and what must happen next.

Historian Aviva Chomsky looks at what the Green New Deal is, and isn't, and could be - as climate change pulls the planet into a state of emergency our current politics can't begin to handle, only a radical reconfiguration of economic and social relations can save the future - and a GND might be the first step in a long road.

Aviva wrote the article Jobs, the Environment, and a Planet in Crisis for TomDispatch.



Jeff Dorchen

A story of Jeffrey Epstein, the gold-spinning spider.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen considers a spider named Jeffrey Epstein, and an artist named Maria, and her art, and the angels and demons and garbagemen caught up in Jeffrey's evil, powerful, golden web.

Read the transcript here