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Way beyond the Democratic Party: On the Green New Deal and what must happen next.


The plan proposed by Ocasio-Cortez and Markey was a first step, and Bernie Sanders takes it to the next level with his proposal. Some of the reservations that both the labor and environmental movement expressed about the Ocasio-Cortez / Markey proposal are being directly addressed by Sanders. The original Green New Deal proposal didn't preclude the things articulated in the Sanders proposal, what it did was open the door. Now Bernie has opened the door and taken the next step.

Historian Aviva Chomsky looks at what the Green New Deal is, and isn't, and could be - as climate change pulls the planet into a state of emergency our current politics can't begin to handle, only a radical reconfiguration of economic and social relations can save the future - and a GND might be the first step in a long road.

Aviva wrote the article Jobs, the Environment, and a Planet in Crisis for TomDispatch.

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Aviva Chomsky

Aviva Chomsky is professor of history and coordinator of Latin American studies at Salem State University in Massachusetts.


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