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How to disappear tomorrow's immigrant detainees.


The United States probably gets 8,000 to 10,000 people a month, if not more, coming to the border to request asylum or to immigrate. And if the White House's policy is really going to be to detain all of these people and hold them in open-air tents, the conservative estimates are by Labor Day we're going to have 30,000 children alone, and over 100,000 people. We're going to be detaining a very large number of people, very quickly.

Political scientist Ed Burmila sees the future of America's immigration detention policy in the present of Australia's immigration detention policy - where stateless migrants are off-shored indefinitely, far from public scrutiny and political focus, and turned into a new form of human capital on a grim, growing new global market.

Ed wrote the Baffler article Out of Sight, Out of Our Minds.

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Ed Burmila

Ed Burmila is a writer, an assistant professor of political science, and host of the Mass for Shut-ins podcast.


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