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Episode 1040

Warm Feelings

Jan 26 2019

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Nicole Aschoff

On capitalism, crisis and the tipping point that never tips.

Writer Nicole Aschoff examines the ongoing economic, political and social crises of the neoliberal era, and explains what we can learn our situation today by looking at the problems of the 1970s, why Trump isn't the real problem, and how building a broad working class movement can challenge the power of capital that's been unchallenged for decades.

Nicole wrote the paper America’s Tipping Point? Between Trumpism and a New Left for Socialist Register, adapted to the Jacobin article Hegemony Now.



Jorge Martin

Hawks over Caracas: The US hand in Venezuela's coup.

Writer Jorge Martin exposes the imperialist hand in the Venezuelan coup attempt - beyond President Maduro's serious economic mis-management and concessions to capital within the country, the greatest threat to democracy and the material gains of the Bolivarian revolution come from a bi-partisan imperial project in Washington DC.

Jorge wrote the recent articles Washington ups the stakes in ongoing attempt to overthrow Venezuelan government for In Defence of Marxism and Washington Moves Towards 'Regime Change' in Venezuela for Venezuelanalysis.



Olivia Heffernan

Farm work is work: Who pays the price of agricultural labor?

Writer Olivia Heffernan reports on the work of building a farmworker labor movement - from the racialized exclusion of agricultural labor from the gains of the New Deal and organized labor at large, to the fight against the precarity and invisibility of workers central to an industry packaging itself to consumers as humane and honest.

Olivia wrote the article Are we prepared to pay the price for farmworker justice? for openDemocracy.



Dahr Jamail

This is the Age of Loss: On grief and love at the end of the world.

Journalist Dahr Jamail explains why saving what's left of life on the planet is a moral calling we can't leave to governments, what large-scale biophysical changes our environments will experience as the Earth's ice melts away, and how everything must change within ourselves if we're to survive this new world we've created through a history of destruction.

Dahr is author of the book The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption from The New Press.



Peter Fleming

Haunted by radical alternatives: Why post-capitalism will probably look like capitalism.

Author Peter Fleming exclaims why the most likely version of post-capitalism in our future is worse than (and kind of the same as) capitalism, with entrenched structures clinging to power in a neo-feudal world, the ghosts of Hayek and Friedman still haunting our minds, and a sense of loss for a future world we never had.

Peter is author of the book The Worst Is Yet To Come: A Post-Capitalist Survival Guide from Repeater Books.



Jeff Dorchen

Selling disaster back to disaster capitalists.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen looks around this moment of capitalist supremacy, with everything for sale and almost no one with enough money to afford life, and envisions a festival celebrating the rich - a celebration of luxury sex, VIP experiences, exclusive gifts, high-end guest list and complimentary 800F sulfuric acid.

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