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On capitalism, crisis and the tipping point that never tips.


All of our strategies over the last 30 years have failed, and the left is incredibly weak. So we're trying to rebuild, and people are exploring ways to do that. The DSA is one of those ways. The reason it's so much in the news is because electoral victories are exciting. Overnight, something changes. Overnight, you have a progressive in power. That gets people excited. But we also have to remember electoral politics is extremely limited, and the only way to actually hold politicians accountable is to have powerful social movements on the ground.

Writer Nicole Aschoff examines the ongoing economic, political and social crises of the neoliberal era, and explains what we can learn our situation today by looking at the problems of the 1970s, why Trump isn't the real problem, and how building a broad working class movement can challenge the power of capital that's been unchallenged for decades.

Nicole wrote the paper America’s Tipping Point? Between Trumpism and a New Left for Socialist Register, adapted to the Jacobin article Hegemony Now.

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Nicole Aschoff

Nicole Aschoff is the author of The New Prophets of Capital and an editor at Jacobin magazine.


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