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Trump is the endpoint: On cruelty and isolation in American politics.


As you systemically implement a war culture on democracy, as you systemically take away social provisions, as you systemically implement health programs in which millions of people will be divested of any healthcare - these contradictions are overwhelming, and there's no attempt to cover them up. In many ways, it offers an enormous opportunity to mobilize people in ways that are very different from what we've done recently.

Cultural critic Henry Giroux examines the slow, steady rise of cruelty in American culture - as the logic of neoliberalism strips our politics of anything besides self-regard, and the right capitalizes on the anger caused by its own policies - and calls for the left to reclaim a language of liberation, and then get out on the streets and start fighting the war it's been losing for decades.

Henry wrote the article The Culture of Cruelty in Trump's America for Truthout.

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Henry Giroux

Author and cultural critic Henry Giroux holds the Global Television Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies.


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