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On militant hope and radical action in a time of democratic collapse.


Populism is no guarantee. Populism arises out of a lack of faith in civic culture, out of a lack of faith in the institutions that are supposed to protect us and serve us. The real issue here is how education becomes central to a politics in which that populism can move left instead of right.

Cultural critic Henry surveys the ascent of the neofascist style in American politics - from Trump's position amidst the ruin of democratic institutions and social order, to the elevation of White supremacy and unchecked corporatism - and calls for the left to resist authoritarianism and reclaim solidarity and democracy's radical potential.

Henry is author of the essay Militant Hope in the Age of the Politics of the Disconnect for Counterpunch and War Culture, Militarism and Racist Violence Under Trump for Truthout.

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Henry Giroux

Author and cultural critic Henry Giroux holds the Global Television Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies.


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