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We don't have to do anything: How the Democrats found their dead end.


The Democratic Party represents a class. It is a class party, and they act on that class's behalf and they act in that class's interests and they serve that class. And they have adopted all the tastes and manners and ideology... It's just that class is not the working class. It's not the middle class. It's the professional class - affluent, white-collar elites. They can't see what they're doing. This is invisible to them, because it's who they are.

Writer Thomas Frank shifts through the wreckage of the Democratic Party in the Trump Era, and finds a group of failed politicians unable to see the deep unpopularity of their own policies, or a path beyond serving the narrow interests of the elite professional class they've served since the Clinton years - with a generation of disastrous results.

Tom's book Listen Liberal: Or, Whatever Happened to the Party of the People? was just released in paperback with post-election writing, from Picador.

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Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is an author and founder of The Baffler.


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