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No alternative: Behind the continuing failure of the Democratic Party.


They have enormous contempt for people on the left wing. Why? Political scientist have a term for this, the 'captured constituency' - true believing liberals, labor types - they don't have anywhere else to go. Democratic leadership does not regard them with sympathy, or pander to them, it regards them with contempt.

Writer Thomas Frank examines the continuing failures of the modern Democratic Party to help its own base - from the blueprint of Wall Street driven inequality, to the architecture of mass incarceration - and explains why the party's contempt for the working class has lead to a high tide of Republicans in state and local governments, and Donald Trump somehow appealing to a working class the Democrats have no use for.

Thomas is author of the new book Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? from Metropolitan Books.

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Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is an author and founder of The Baffler.


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