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A post-Brexit guide to the mainstreaming of Britain's far-right.


This is a tactic that's been adopted by the Conservatives and members of the far-right for the last 60 years - claiming that the reason health and welfare services are declining in their capacity to care for British citizens is because of immigration. So you solve immigration, you solve all these problems with welfare spending and access to programs. There's really been no distinction between those two things.

Historian Nicole Longpré explains how UKIP and Nigel Farage capitalized on anxiety around immigration and declining state services to win the Brexit referendum, and ties that victory to six decades of policy cross-pollination between the UK's anti-immigrant far-right and the Conservative Party, forming a mutually beneficial relationship and presenting an ideology that straddled even the Leave / Remain divide across the greater Right.

Nicole wrote the article How the British Far Right Went Mainstream for Dissent.

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Nicole Longpre

Nicole Longpré is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Victoria, Canada.


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