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Episode 909

20 Years in Hell

Jul 16 2016

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Henry Giroux

On violence, neoliberalism and the hallucinatory anti-politics of the Trump era.

Cultural critic Henry Giroux explains how violence seeped from America's background into the foreground of our psychology, robbing our politics of solidarity, our economy of morality, and our language of meaning and memory - and why the left must turn beyond (and against) our current political leaders, to reclaim collectivity and justice for the public, and to rally against not just this Trump, but all the Trumps to come.

Henry is author of the essay Anti-Politics and the Plague of Disorientation: Welcome to the Age of Trump for Truthout and the upcoming book America at War with Itself from City Lights Books.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine



Dean Baker

Post-Brexit. Pre-transaction tax. Post-neoliberalism? A financial roundup.

Economist Dean Baker gives an update on a handful of stories from around the globalized economy - the international competition for London's financial sector post-Brexit, how a transaction tax could pop the financial sector's waste bubble, why a critique of the IMF's neoliberal policies is coming from within the IMF itself, a mixed review of the first Clinton economy - and some surprisingly encouraging news about Hillary Clinton and Social Security.

Dean wrote the article Right-Sizing the Financial Sector in Post-Brexit Europe for Truthout.



Kathy Kelly

The weapons, and psychology, of warfare don't stay on the battlefield.

Peace activist Kathy Kelly examines the parallels between America's murderous drone war across the globe and the violence done by police at home - from the normalizing of lethal response to noncompliance (or even suggestions of noncompliance) with the state, to the government and military's frenzied defense of power above all other values - and challenges the United States to abandon violence before it swallows us whole.

Kathy wrote the Consortiumnews article Of Lethal Drones and Police Shootings.



Glen Ford

On Black politicians, White opinion and other roadblocks on the march to racial justice.

Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford examines new challenges to the Black Lives Matter movement - from the gun control misdirection of the Black political class, to the corporate media's calls for the movement to stand down in the days after the killing of five police officers in Dallas - and explains why the movement must ignore outside forces and march towards the next step for racial justice - Black community control of the police occupying their neighborhoods.

Glen posted the article Rulers Shocked by Dallas Attack: Black Folks Keep on Stepping at Black Agenda Report.



Flint Taylor

Understanding the civil mechanisms of police impunity.

Civil rights attorney Flint Taylor explains how the civil mechanisms around police accountability - from prosecutors and judges, to local and state governments - serve to protect abusive cops from the consequences of their own actions, not only enforcing a long-term culture of impunity and racism, but freezing the community out of negotiation and potential reform.

Flint is representing the family of Derek Williams, who died in the backseat of a Milwaukee police squad car in 2011.



Nicole Longpre

A post-Brexit guide to the mainstreaming of Britain's far-right.

Historian Nicole Longpré explains how UKIP and Nigel Farage capitalized on anxiety around immigration and declining state services to win the Brexit referendum, and ties that victory to six decades of policy cross-pollination between the UK's anti-immigrant far-right and the Conservative Party, forming a mutually beneficial relationship and presenting an ideology that straddled even the Leave / Remain divide across the greater Right.

Nicole wrote the article How the British Far Right Went Mainstream for Dissent.



Jeff Dorchen

In praise of the Sun, the last free thing on Earth.

In a heliocentric Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen considers that G-type main-sequence star just sitting there, 93 million miles away, shining all over our our money, our happiness, our sadness, our Bill Murrays, our privatizers, our property-is-thefters, our Mexicos, our baseballs, our capitalists, our artificial shortages - basically everything under the sun, all day.