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Hillary on the internet: Feminism, civility and the minefield of online dissent.


We're confusing manners with the patriarchal institutions that affect women in a material way - and I'm far more concerned with issues of poverty, of housing, of a clean environment, of healthcare, than I am about interpersonal sexist transgressions, which I think have far less of an effect on women who have money and careers and economic security.

Writer Amber A'Lee Frost talks about how we talk about Hillary Clinton, dissent and sexism online - from the ways establishment liberals in power deflect criticism of the candidate through accusations of incivility, to the muting of feminist critiques of Hillary in the mainstream press - and explains why Clinton's legacy of conservative positions on war and economics speak louder than a thousand keyboard Bernsogynists, real or imagined.

Amber has a chapter in False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton and wrote the Baffler article My Kind of Misogyny: I Don’t Care If They Call a Warhawk “Cankles.”

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Amber A'Lee Frost

Amber A'Lee Frost is a writer and editorial board member at New Politics. Her advice column Your Sorry Ass appears in The Baffler.


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