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Startup solidarity: The present and future of digital labor organizing.


There is more of a growing consciousness of the way power, wealth and labor is distributed in these organizations that are coming to look less like nascent basement startups and more like large, influential media organizations.

Writer Michelle Chen explores the growth of organized labor in digital newsrooms, where new media journalists pursue the same old goals of all workers - better pay, managment transparency - and collective bargaining challenges progressive publishers to become progressive workplaces, while setting a template for future workers in an online gig economy doing everything it can to avoid creating employees.

Michelle wrote the recent articles The Unionization of Digital Media and Is Gawker’s Unionization a Sign That Creative Workers Are Finally Realizing Their Worth? for The Nation.

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Michelle Chen

Michelle Chen is a contributing editor at In These Times, a blogger at The Nation, an associate editor at CultureStrike and co-host of Dissent's Belabored podcast.


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