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Debt, precarity and student-teacher solidarity in the financialized university.


They've shown they're willing to accommodate budget cuts to a degree that is unconscionable for a perspective of students and workers. Many of these people are very enthusiastic about commercializing their institutions - in fact that's what they were hired to do. In a number of states, they may have no educational experience whatsoever. They come from the private sector and think because they wrecked some other industry in the name of extracting profits, that they can come to higher ed and do the same.

Historian Trevor Griffey on the dynamics of student loan debt, low wage college teacher work and university financialization, and his article  A New Deal for College Teachers and Teaching co-written with Mia McIver for the American Association of University Professors site.

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Trevor Griffey

Trevor Griffey is a lecturer in labor studies at UCLA, a lecturer in US history at the University of California, Irvine, and vice president of the UC Irvine chapter of UC-AFT.


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