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The violent state has taken over our imaginations: Toward the abolitionist horizon.


The killing is the tip of the spear - there's so much routine harm that happens mundanely every single day. The harassment of particular populations in their own neighborhoods, the people who are injured but not killed, the psycological violence deployed against people - I think about the young people in my life who are scared to death of the police, to the point where they plan their days around how to avoid contact with them... That feels obscene to me. If you're not a person that experiences that, you ought to think about all the people who do experience that.

Organizer Mariame Kaba on the domination of policing in American streets and minds, the work of conceptualizing justice beyond vengeance and state violence, and her book We Do This 'Til We Free Us: Abolitionist Organizing and Transforming Justice from Haymarket Books.

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Mariame Kaba

Mariama Kaba is a writer, organizer and founder of Project NIA.


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