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Hatred is too simple: What liberal feminists miss when they only see misogyny.


Sure there are some jerks who hate women, but when we look at the problems most women face - low wages, discrimination on the job, lack of access to abortion, lack of access healthcare for themselves and their dependents, poverty of single-parent households - these things are really not happening because too many men hate women. These things are happening because women are disadvantaged, they don't have as much political and economic power as men.

Writer Liza Featherstone explains how the liberal feminist fixation on misogyny as the root of social problems facing women substitutes a politically intractable tendency for a radical critique of the deep, structural oppression of patriarchy and capitalism - and the Democratic Party's complicity in upholding those structures.

Liza wrote the article Moving Beyond Misogyny for The New Republic.

Kate Manne's work is referenced in this interview. We talked with Kate in 2017.

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Liza Featherstone

Liza Featherstone is a journalist, essayist and a contributing editor to The Nation.


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