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Episode 1092

Beyond misogyny / Out of the neoliberal wreckage / Lula free.

Nov 12 2019

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Liza Featherstone

Hatred is too simple: What liberal feminists miss when they only see misogyny.

Writer Liza Featherstone explains how the liberal feminist fixation on misogyny as the root of social problems facing women substitutes a politically intractable tendency for a radical critique of the deep, structural oppression of patriarchy and capitalism - and the Democratic Party's complicity in upholding those structures.

Liza wrote the article Moving Beyond Misogyny for The New Republic.

Kate Manne's work is referenced in this interview. We talked with Kate in 2017.



Brian Mier

Lula is free, Brazil is not: Lawfare, fascism and the US media.

Live from Sao Paulo, Brian Mier reports on on the trial, imprisonment and release of former Brazilian president Luiz da Silva - as part of an illegal operation between Brazil's right, the judiciary and the US to sabotage the democratic process and retain fascist control over power in Brazil, with an eager push from the corporate press in the Global North.



Wendy Brown

Neoliberalism emptied the world: On free markets, traditional morality and nothing else.

Theorist Wendy Brown examines the anti-democratic logic at the heart of neoliberalism - after a 40-year ruling class project to empty society of all forces but the free market and traditional morality, a libertarian ethno-nationalism regime maintains uses crumbling traditional heirarchies to maintain discipline over a fractured population.

Wend is author of In the Ruins of Neoliberalism: The Rise of Antidemocratic Politics in the West from Columbia University Press.