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Yellow Vests still on: Why the Gilets Jaunes are getting the goods.


The lesson here, if you're a Yellow Vest protester, is that protest does work. And not just protest, but really confrontational tactics have gotten the goods. I'm not trying to make a political statement, that's just a genuine observation about what's happened here. These protest have delivered what the labor movement was unable to deliver for years now. This government can be moved, and will be moved, when confronted with enough pressure.

Live from Paris, journalist Cole Stangler explains how France's Yellow Vest movement is using working-class anger over its economic precarity, and the deep unpopularity of the entire French political establishment to win concessions from a deeply unpopular president - and why success isn't slowing the Gilets Jaunes's momentum.

Cole wrote the article Back on the Offensive for Jacobin.

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Cole Stangler

Cole Stangler is a Paris-based journalist writing about labor and politics.


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